Marketing communications services

Marketing communications services

We provide marketing services for professional services companies, membership organisations and further education bodies.

A clear communication strategy is important not only to ensure that you stay in touch with your clients and prospects but also to help increase your sales. It is surprising how many firms do not have one. Having an effective communication strategy will help you attract prospects’ attention and build relationships that leads to sales.

Your communication strategy should address:

  • your key messages
  • how you communicate with your clients and prospects and internally with your staff
  • how you use public relations (PR), blogs and social media
  • how you communicate via your brochures and collateral
  • the use of newsletters
  • the use of email and the web
  • articles for publication
  • client case studies

Designers can make brochures look good, but what makes people read them? The message you convey and the way you communicate it is as important as the design.

Newsletters are an excellent method of communicating with your clients and prospects, and are also a cost-effective way of raising awareness and promoting your business. Case studies and testimonials help build confidence and credibility with your prospects. Use them to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

P2P – give your brand a human face

Most people are familiar with the marketing acronym B2B, which means “business-to-business”. The growth of social media has seen the rise of a new acronym, P2P, which stands for “people-to-people”. P2P is about promoting most service companies’ greatest assets – their people. It is about positioning them as experts in their field and engaging with prospects. Comprehensive LinkedIn profiles and blogs are a good way to promote the expertise of your key staff.

Develop an inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing refers to a series of marketing strategies in which prospects choose to learn more about your company and its products and services by conducting a keyword search online; subscribing to your Twitter feed; downloading your case studies; opting into your email newsletter; watching your videos; listening to your podcasts; becoming a ‘follower’ on LinkedIn; visiting your social network; or commenting on your company blogs.

Our services

  • marketing and communications strategy and creating communications plans
  • brochure and newsletter design for print and online
  • copywriting for press releases, brochures, websites, blogs and email campaigns
  • PR and media relations
  • email marketing
  • content plans for blogs and press releases
  • articles for publication
  • client case studies
  • magazine and newsletter production
  • annual reports
  • Infographics

We can work with and support an existing marketing team or provide a complete outsourced marketing service. In addition we have a wide range of highly qualified associates to provide complementary services such as photography and video production, print, exhibition stands and database and app designs.

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