Websites and online marketing services

Websites and online marketing

We provide online marketing services for professional services companies, membership organisations and further education bodies.

A website should be a lead-generation and content publishing tool. It enables companies to build a strong brand online; demonstrate value; connect with audiences; and generate leads. When developing a website, do not overlook the importance of strong website copywriting that is optimised for search engine rankings and visitors.

We can build you an attractive website that ranks well on all the major search engines from as little as £500 plus VAT.

Content is king

Many websites are designed and built before site owners try to understand what they need to do to attract visitors. Put simply, this approach is back-to-front. Before a single web page is built, graphic selected or word written, you should have clearly identified your strategy for attracting visitors and motivating them to action. Much of the effort is put into making the website look good while neglecting the key element that visitors focus upon – the content.

Too often web sites focus too much on a firm’s services, people, products and processes. These sites are a turnoff to most prospects, who are looking for solutions to their problems. To get a prospect’s attention, whether with your web site or with your other marketing materials, you need content that interests them. Remember, your existing clients and future customers are always looking for solutions.

There are some basic things that should be considered when redesigning a site:

  • Use a CMS (content management system) so that you can update your own site
  • Consider using the Wordpress CMS – it is well supported with plugins and templates
  • Ensure that the design is responsive – visitors could be using a PC, a Mac, a tablet or smart phone
  • Adopt a clean uncluttered design
  • Ensure the designer adopts HTML 5 standards
  • Use colours and buttons to draw the visitor’s eye to key content
  • Simplified navigation – visitors do not like having to jump all over a site
  • Richer content experience – add videos, infographics and images
  • Ensure you promote your key staff – people buy from people
  • Develop eye-catching landing pages for white papers and Google Adwords campaigns

SEO (search engine optimisation)

SEO can ensure your website can be found by potential new clients. Basic SEO involves:

  • keyword research – finding the keyword phrases your prospects are likely to use
  • on-page optimisation using relevant keyword phrases
  • optimisation of images and other content such as videos
  • social media – posting keyword-rich articles on social media sites
  • local SEO strategies – Google+ page.

Other services

  • corporate site design for clients with a web development team
  • email marketing
  • analytics reporting
  • pay-per-click marketing
  • video marketing - YouTube

We can work with and support an existing marketing team or provide a complete outsourced marketing service. In addition we have a wide range of highly qualified associates to provide complementary services such as photography and video production, print, exhibition stands and database and app designs.

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