Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

We provide marketing services for professional services companies, membership organisations and further education bodies.

How effective is your marketing? How many of your recent new clients were won as a direct result of your marketing activities? If you stopped marketing tomorrow would it make much difference?

We understand that for many professional services companies creating a workable marketing plan seems an overwhelming project to undertake.

Step One: Understanding your business

Undertake a review of the following:

  • any existing business plan and fee/revenue structure
  • income by client and activity
  • current marketing budget and activities
  • any existing collateral, and your website
  • your service offerings

Step two: Review the marketplace

  • Review the competition and marketplace.
  • Look at any new opportunities that could be exploited.
  • Define the target market.
  • Define your ideal client profile

Step three: Develop a marketing proposition

  • Positioning your company
  • What client pains and problems do you solve?
  • Differentiate your services from those of your competitors
  • Define the USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Define what supporting collateral is required

Step four: Create a marketing strategy and a plan

  • Activities to get attention
  • Creating the ‘most wanted’ prospect list
  • Motivate prospects into positive action
  • Activities to establish credibility
  • Create a monthly activity plan

Step five: Implement and track results

  • How to control the sales process
  • Managing prospect lists and response reporting
  • Maintaining client relationships

Client-centred marketing

Client-centred marketing:

  • begins with a clear identification of any niche markets you want to target
  • leads with client problems and concerns
  • provides useful ideas that your prospects can use and that demonstrates your expertise
  • focuses on using scenarios as a way of demonstrating your expertise.

Clients buy results, not the product or service methodology. Your marketing messages and materials should therefore be geared towards solving client problems so that you get the attention of your target niche markets.

We have helped numerous companies develop a clear marketing strategy. To find out how we can help you call us today on 01707 392552.

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